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This menu is subject to daily change, if not sometimes more often.
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Cookies & Cream (Indica)

A true indica hybrid for pain relief, a cross between Starfighter and Girl Scout Cookies.

You may get an  early snooze if you’re not careful, but great for pain relief for the time you spend high and awake.

THC: 25.52%   CBD: .91%


Hibiscus Sunrise (Indica)

This Relaxing clear headed indica-dominant hybrid emanates chill vibes made for bright days. 

Offering a mental clarity that enables activity, Hibiscus Sunrise also provides a body high that is dense but not weighted.

Pair this strain with a good playlist and indulge in the sights and smells of a world observed from a higher perspective.

THC: 20% – 20% CBD:0%


Ghost Ship (Indica)

This beautiful purple budded indica is known for its kushy purple starship flavor. Soothes aches and pains with a heady high.

Think hard and rest easy. This flower is a solid option for muscle relaxation and stress relief 

THC:19.3% -19.1% CBD: 0.0%-0.0%




Sunburn (Sativa)

Sunburn is an active , inspiring sativa with a bright adventurous high,

A crazy blend of Sunburn and Gupta Kush with a nose of Sweet Skink with the funky Kush anchor.

THC:  25.5% – 25.5% CBD: 0.1% – 0.1%


Bio Diesel (Sativa)

 Sensi Star X Sour Diesel. Diesel goodness like you’ve never experienced before. The smell and taste

are very similar to a day at Bandimere Speedway…high octane fuel and burnt rubber dominate over

light citrus and cola. A very highly recommended medicinal strain. 

THC: 22.9% – 19.9%  CBD: 0.0%-0.0%


Doobie Bird Daydream (Sativa)

A highly regarded cross of Blue Dream and Gupta Kush, the goofy names fies you high. Exclusive to Colorado,

this phenotype will leave you uplifted and motivated. The body buzz follows.

THC: 26.3% – 21.2% CBD:0%


Poison Princess (Sativa)

Durban Poison X Cinderella 99. Two of the greatest sativas around, crossed to create one amazing strain.

Sweet and citrusy taste with an energetic high.

THC: 22.8% – 20.2% CBD:0%






Bootlegger (Sativa – Hybrid)

An amazing Sativa – leaning hybrid featuring a very old and treasured cut of AK-47 (mix of Mexican, Thai, Columbian, Afghani)

crossed with our Gupta Kush. The funky earth – musk – spice of the AK47 is made even sweeter with

OKG, for a motivating head high and a pleasant body buzz.

THC: 21.5 – 20.1 CBD – 0.0% -0.0%


Break Dance (Hybrid)

An energizing smoke with fruity marshmallow flavors, and a hint of diesel in the smell. This one will 

make you throw back to the 90’s and break dance.

        THC: 26.2% – 22.6% CBD –0%


Iron Triangle (Hybrid)

This red – eye inducing strain exhibits an aroma of lemon and fuel. Gupta Kush amps up the yield of its zesty

buds and plants a firm foot in the cerebral head high while offering a stunning sedation.

THC: 21.5 CBD: 0.1% – 0.0%


SHAKE (upon availability) 


Leafs By Snoop Gummies

CannaPunch Drinks

Cheeba Chews

Dabba Infused Mint chocolates

Dixie Drinks, Mints, Tinctures and Chocolates

Dutch Girl Stroopwaffles

Ebony and Ivory Chocolates

Highly Edible Gummies (+ CBD )

Incredibles Chocolate Bars/Cinnamon drops/ Red licorice (Micro-dosed), Microdosed Mints/Fruit Tarts (+CBD)

Lucky Turtle Tinctures, and Single Serve Spreads (+CBD)

Loves Oven Baked Goods and Caramels

Taste Budz Fruity Gummies (+CBD)

7 Sacred Truffles

Wander Lust Specialty Chocolates

Willies Reserve Hard Candies

TinctureBelle Anything Drops



Oil Stix Hash Oil Syringes

Green Dragon Black  Dragon Oil

Green Dragon Gold Dragon Oil (high THC)

Bonfire Cannabis Concentrates / Wax infused joints

Chronic Creations Live Resin

High Tech House Shatter (Shatterday Special)

Newt Brothers (Shatterday Special)

Apex Pure Distilate

Apex Vape Cartridges



Apothecanna Topicals

Nordic Goddess

Foria Personal Lubricants and Suppositories (Sexy Sexy Time)

Mary Jane’s Salves, Topicals, Massage Oils,  Hash Bath

Mary’s Medicinals Patches and Compound Creams

Wrangler Relief Pain Reliving Cream


  Oil Stix 500mg CO2 Extract Cartridges (+CBD)

Pura Vape Cartridges

Northern Standard Disposable Vape 250mg

Tumbleweed Disposable Vape 250mg

Willies Reserve Vape Cartridges with free battery


The Bank Genetics (Package 6) Feminized

Colorado Seed Inc. (Package of 6) Non Feminized


Assorted Pipes, Papers, Bongs, Grinders, Smoke Buddies and Lots More!