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This menu is subject to daily change, if not sometimes more often.
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Space Ghost  (Indica) 

Space Ghost cannabis strains high is supremely relaxing, with a slightly detectable cerebral

aspect that manifests in tingles. Expect to go on a physical journey that loosens those

tight shoulders and jaws, replacing them with waves of calm.

THC: 25.5% – 25.5%  CBD:0% – 0%


Ghost Jack (Indica) 

Ghost Jack is a Indica dominant mix of Jack Flash and Afghan Ghost OG.

Great for lazy winter days on the couch or a little pain relief after the slopes.

Excellent Indica for just taking the edge off during the day or anytime.

THC: 14.3% – 14.3%  CBD:0% – 0%






Pachamama (Sativa)

Pachamama is often chosen to treat conditions such as chronic pain, depression, chronic fatigue, arthritis,

and chronic stress. Pachamama buds have a super peppery herbal flavor with hints of spicy fuel upon exhale.

The aroma is very pungent and musky with a spicy sage overtone

that quickly turns to a stench of diesel as the nugs are burned.

THC: 28.9% – 24.8%  CBD: 0.0%-0.0%


Slazerbeam (Sativa)

A sativa-dominant hybrid of Super Lemon Haze and Gupta Kush, Slazerbeam is loaded with dense,

zesty buds. Slazerbeam is lemony while exhibiting hints of OG Kush on the inhale.

The flower also packs potency, with an average THC content above 20%.

THC: 21.7% – 18.1%  CBD: 0.0%-0.0%


Lemon Train (Sativa)

 The taste of Lemon Trainwreck is reminiscent of gasoline, lemons, and citrus. The smell at first sniff is said to

be like skunky spice, but after that it smells rather sweet. It’s appearance is appealing to the eyes, as it is

light green, and covered in crystals. After initially smoking this strain of

weed, energy, happiness, and creativity are all yours.

THC: 29.9% – 20.6%  CBD: 0.0%-0.0%




Breakdance (Hybrid)

Break Dance cannabis strain high will send new tokers coughing into

oblivion, gluing users to the couch in a calming manner that’s

perfect for a movie night or some adventurous home cooking.

THC: 26.6% – 23.2% CBD: 0%


Hibiscus Sunrise (Hybrid)

High density buds on ft colas packed with trichomes. Indica – leaning Hawaiian vibes with

productive growth and, a nice, easy, user feel. Nose and taste of over-ripe fruit trees

and tropical flowers. High is meditative , soothing deep and relaxed.

THC: 24.4% – 20% CBD: 0%


Agent Cooper (Hybrid)

Agent Cooper is a well balanced 50/50 Hybrid with a sweet cherry fuel lemon flavor. The effects are uplifting

and motivating, serving as a great mood enhancer if you are feeling lethargic or depressed.

THC: 25.9% – 18.1% CBD: 0%


Chupacabra (Hybrid)

Chupacabra looks like a sativa and acts like an indica. With tall, bright green buds that fray into

even brighter orange hairs, this wild strain reeks of its Golden Goat heritage. Hawaiian

Romulan mental stylings with Island Sweet Skunk brilliant tropical aroma, and is

finally anchored by Gupta Kush. This 50/50 hybrid will leave your mind sizzling 

as you nestle into your favorite piece of furniture.

THC: 23.6% – 19.7% CBD: 0%


Reba (Hybrid)

Reba is an Indica/Sativa combination of Fall ’97 x Durban Poison. This Hybrid produces a Durban Poison smell

with a relaxing, calm, euphoric body buzz that tackles anxiety, great for anytime of the day.

THC: 26.2% – 19.7% CBD: 0%


Poison Punch (Hybrid)

Berry, apple, grape, mango, pineapple; if you love fruity flavors and terpenes, Poison Punch is the strain for you!

An energetic burst of heady effects that calms stress and wont overcloud your thoughts.

THC: 23.1% – 15.5% CBD: 0%




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Cloud 9 Chocolates (Including Sugar Free)

Northern Standard Single Serve Chocolates

Leafs By Snoop Gummies

CannaPunch Drinks

Cheeba Chews

Dabba Infused Mint chocolates

Dixie Drinks, Mints, Tinctures and Chocolates

Dutch Girl Stroopwafels (Caramel, Strawberry, and Lemon flavors)

Highly Edible Gummies (+ CBD )

Incredibles Chocolate Bars, Micro dosed Mints/Fruit Tarts (+CBD)

Lucky Turtle Tinctures (+CBD)

Loves Oven Baked Goods and Caramels

Taste Budz Fruity Gummies (+CBD)

Wanderlust Specialty Chocolates

Gia’s Garden Hard Candies and Lollipops

Stratos THC Tablets

Edipure Chocolates and Tata’s Gummies


NEW – Rubi Pure Hash Oil 800 mg Pods – NEW

Oil Stix Hash Oil Syringes

Green Dragon Black  Dragon Oil

Green Dragon Gold Dragon Oil (high THC)

Bonfire Cannabis Concentrates / Wax infused joints

Chronic Creations Live Resin

High Tech House Shatter (Shatterday Special)

Newt Brothers (Shatterday Special)

Pura Hash Oil Syringes


Pura Canna Cream Citrus 25 SPF

Apothecanna Topicals

Nordic Goddess

Foria Personal Lubricants and Suppositories (Sexy Sexy Time)

Mary Jane’s Salves, Topicals, Massage Oils,  Hash Bath

Mary’s Medicinals Patches and Compound Creams

Dixie Synergy Relief Balm 50:50


EVO Labs Flavored Vape Cartridges

  Oil Stix 500mg CO2 Extract Cartridges (+CBD)

Pura Vape Cartridges

Northern Standard Disposable Vape 250mg

Willies Reserve Vape Cartridges with free battery


The Bank Genetics (Package 6) Feminized

Colorado Seed Inc. (Package of 6) Non Feminized


Assorted Pipes, Papers, Bongs, Grinders, Smoke Buddies and Lots More!