New Equivalency Laws effective October 1st, 2016

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Starting October 1st, 2016 the laws are changing.

The Marijuana Enforcement Division (MED) in Colorado performed some studies to determine what the THC equivalent of concentrates and edibles are in relation to marijuana in flower form.  They argue that since products such as concentrates have a much higher level of THC, then you shouldn’t be able to purchase the same amount of concentrates as you can flower.   As a result, the MED has issued ‘Marijuana Equivalency’ guidelines.

So starting October 1st, 2016 the following rules with take effect in regards to recreational sales (medical sales remain unchanged):

  • 1oz Flower = 8g of Concentrate (Shatter, Wax, etc)
  • 1oz Flower = 800mg of Edibles

You can still mix and match, but it does get a bit confusing.  For example, you could purchase 2 grams of concentrate, but then you will be limited to 3/4 oz of flower (as they count the 2 grams of concentrate as the equivalent of 1/4 oz of flower).  These laws are really silly and it is going to be a real challenge for budtenders to sell combinations of products and ensure they are within the legal limits.

One important thing to note is these restrictions only apply to retail sales, not possession.  You can legally possess up to 28 grams of concentrates or THC as defined in the Colorado Constitution.


(Excerpt from For more information about Colorado Marijuana laws, please click on the link below)

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